Marketing Your GbgCBW Event – Best Practices

So you want to host a rocking event during Greensburg Craft Beer Week? Here’s a few tips to get you on your way:

Timing is everything: Check out the calendar and be aware of the timing of your event. What day and time is it most likely to be successful? When will it be less likely to get lost in the crowd?

Only YOU, can market your event the best: Think of the Greensburg Craft Beer Week website and social media as a storage space for all events, not a full fledged marketing agency (we have day jobs as well folks!). It is up to you to promote the heck out of your scheduled event to ensure that everyone knows about it. So be sure to make your facebook posts, tweets, instagram posts and blast emails out. We will be creating and passing out plenty of marketing materials to local businesses, but it is up to you to follow this promotional check list:

  1. Have you planned your event?
  2. Have you added your event to the Greensburg Craft Beer Week event calednar with your event listings?
  3. Have you created a facebook event invite and made Greensburg Craft Beer Week a cohost?
  4. Have you created a twitter schedule to promote your event?
  5. Have you posted about your event on Instagram?
  6. Have you invited beer writers and bloggers to attend your events?