The best ideas come over a few pints and great conversation.  A group of friends, the neighborhood craft beer bar, quality beers – is the perfect recipe for creativity. It was during such meeting of the minds that Greensburg Craft Beer Week was born.

Greensburg Craft Beer Week is a celebration of the Greensburg community and craft beer. As Greensburg grows, more and more beer establishments are adopting and embracing craft beer and its culture. Craft beer represents creativity, diversity, collaboration, and fun – as does the Greensburg community.

Greensburg is an established yet growing, charming community.  Home to colleges, universities, businesses, the county capital, cultural attractions, and many diverse people, the Greensburg community offers something for everyone.

Greensburg Craft Beer Week events will take place, sometimes simultaneously, at the many bars, restaurants and businesses in the Westmoreland County area.


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