Host a Greensburg Craft Beer Week Event

If you’d like host an event during Greensburg Beer Week, well, you’re in luck! Hosting events during the week is an excellent opportunity to reach beer drinkers across the Greensburg area, and beyond, to create some buzz for your biz!

Below are some guidelines and requirements for the event that you are looking to host. Once you have everything gathered, fill out the form, we will get back to you ASAP with any questions and to confirm your event!

Guidelines and Requirements

  1. All events must be scheduled within the dates of Greensburg Craft Beer Week: September 17-26, 2021.
  2. All events must have craft beer as a main element of your event. (obviously)
  3. Events must be submitted using the form below by August 14, 2021
  4. All events must have a photo submitted with it for their listing. please use 1920×1080 pixels as the dimensions. If you cannot submit a photo, please let us know and we will create one for you.
  5. All events must have a facebook event created and make Greensburg Craft Beer Week a cohost (this will allow the event to show up in our FB event listings)
  6. Please use the same photo submitted to us as the Facebook event photo (the dimensions will fit a FB event)
  7. All Facebook events must state that the event is a part of Greensburg Craft Beer Week in the description.
  8. If your event is benefitting a nonprofit or organization, please state that in the form.
  9. If your event requires tickets, an RSVP or to be prepaid, please state that in the form.
  10. If your event requires tickets, an RSVP or to be prepaid, you must give us a link to add to your listing to purchase.

If you submit the form without the required information it may take longer to put up your listing. All listings will be released August 17, 2021. Please email us with any questions or concerns.

  • Please let us know what your event is all about! The more information you provide the better potential attendees will understand what the event is!
  • Please let us know that date of your event. It must be during GBGCBW: September 21-29, 2018. If your event is multiple days please use this section as the first day and put the date range of the event in the event description section.
  • :
    Please let us know the start time of your event.
  • :
    Please let us know the end time of your event.
  • Link to the Facebook event. This can be updated as we get closer if you have not created the FB event yet.
  • If your event is benefitting a nonprofit or organization please state it here. If not, just leave it blank.
  • If your event requires Tickets, an RSVP or prepaid, please put the link for payment here.
  • Person who we should contact for any questions about your event. This will not be released to the public.
  • Please make sure your photo is 1920x1080 pixels. If it is not, it will be cropped to fit.

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